#SuperstitionSat Sessions

#SuperstitionSat is one hashtag in a week full of other magical hashtags. On special occasions, we may collaborate with our Folklore and Literature Friends at:




#FaustianFriday hosted by #OfDarkAndMacabre

#BookWormSat and their host’s website


#SwampSunday & #DontGoIntoTheWoods

For more information on session themes and upcoming collaborations, see our CALENDAR page.

We are also official members of The Folklore Network and the Folklore Museums Network.


Superstition Saturday aims to celebrate and support the traditions and customs from all the varied cultures around the world, and to maintain and uphold values of mutual respect and acceptance.

As such, tweets spreading or encouraging forms of hatred between peoples will neither be retweeted or endorsed – and the same goes for outdated superstitions that should stay in the past.

Some of the sentiments contrary to a human nature of love and peace that we shall not acknowledge are: ableism, racism, sexism, ageism, classism, LGBTQIA+ phobia, discrimination against religious beliefs – and others along the same line that seek to perpetuate the segregation of humanity.

Please, where possible, also include credits to illustrations, paintings, photos and other graphics used in your tweets. We encourage that everyone gives proper kudos to an artist’s hard work! Likewise, we do not tolerate passing off someone’s tweet as your own. The nature of Folklore is to travel through word-of-mouth, and if you are academically inclined, feel free to include a reference or source – but copying and pasting word-for-word is disrespectful, if not plagiarism.

Finally, while we appreciate your enthusiasm for #SuperstitionSat, please refrain from posting too many tweets in a row. Give everyone a chance to be featured!

Thank you for your cooperation!