the belief that particular events happen in a way that cannot be explained by reason or science; the belief that particular events bring good or bad luck (from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). Derived from the Latin superstitio – and still seen in some Romance Languages today: superstição (Portuguese), superstición (Spanish), superstizione (Italian). May have associations with fate, omens, charms or rituals.

The Superstition Saturday banner, featuring our mascot Superstition Sam

But have no fear – Superstition Saturday is here! Officially launched in April 2020 on Twitter, after a long debate whether we should be called Superstition Friday or Saturday. In the end, Saturdays won – especially since it is considered bad luck to start new journeys on Fridays!

Our purpose is to share your superstitions from around the world just like other pages do it on their own week days. Our hashtag on Twitter is #SuperstitionSat because our handle is also @SuperstitionSat, and we like to keep things simple. We are open for business Saturdays between 12pm and 12am GMT and themes change every week. Check out our Calendar for more information!

The #SuperstitionSat profile picture, featuring our mascot Superstition Sam

A photo of our mascot Superstition Sam - a friendly needle-felted black cat wearing his signature yellow scarf - against a backdrop of autumnal leaves.

And here I am: Superstition Sam, host and mascot of #SuperstitionSat! I’m the lucky black cat that retweets your old beliefs, protective charms, good omens and much more – always looking out for similar superstitions in different parts of the world to hopefully show you that we are not so different after all.

Banner and profile illustrations by Rhi Wynter.

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